Common Mistakes On Google Shopping Ads – Data Feed Errors

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Check the Google Merchant Login for Google Shopping Data Feed Errors

How to Check Data Feed Errors on Google Shopping?

Whether you are going to launch, or have already launched your PLA Campaign, keeping an eye on your data feed for any errors should be the permanent part of your priority to-do checklist (that you should check regularly without any fail). And not just that, the errors in your Google Merchant Center login should also be rectified as it is ‘this’ account’s data feed which finally reflects in your Google Shopping account.


To look for data feed errors you will need to start by

  • Logging in to your Google Merchant account; and then
  • Going to the Data Quality options given under the ‘Data Quality’ heading at the bottom right corner of your the GML account’s home page

As shown in the previous image, by clicking on the highlighted option – indicated by the red arrow – you can have a look at the various potential errors in your feed. What you should be looking for is ‘the critical errors’ not ‘suggested optimizations’ for it is the critical errors that affect your listings badly, the latter ones never bring your ads down.

So, all the errors which are labeled by Google as Critical errors should be dealt and rectified as soon as possible. This is because, whether you are aware or not, they are affecting your account already:


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