How to Deal With Cost Per Click Bidding Competition on Google Shopping Ads

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Monitoring and managing Google Shopping is like taking care of a child, you always need to be on the vigil. Always, on your toes, observing and anticipating the actions, so that you can react accurately.

This is How You Should Beat the Cost-Per-Click Bidding Competition

The competition that merchants face when it comes to bidding is so high that it becomes really difficult for them to act as per the strategies that they plan on the basis of their performance metrics. More sellers means more competition, and if that is not enough, another factor that makes the competition sterner is that there is a lot of control in the seller’s hands, they can raise their bids at any time, and can shift the power in any direction. Therefore, you need to be really active and are advised to consistently check the retailers – especially the ones that offer the same products – positioned below your ad for any change in positions. Positive or negative, this practice will allow you to remain abreast with all the existing trends.

This way you will be able to save your share of traffic & be in a better position to handle the situation if one of your competitors raises their bid. So, make sure that you are checking your PLA campaign 2-3 times a week & ensure that you are able to keep track of your ad positions. This is highly advised if you actually want to maintain your rank in the high positions. However, it has other perks too. There have been many cases where merchants leave their accounts unattended for longer durations of time with unaddressed issues that lead to negative ROI; so, by regularly check your account every 2-3 days a week can also help you avoid such worst-case scenarios.



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