How To Find Out If Your AdWords Account Is Under Review

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How To Find Out If Your AdWords Account Is Under Review?

Your Product Listing Ads come down because of issues like daily-budget’s early exhaustion or errors in data feed; ‘Right?!’ Yes. But did you know that such a thing can also happen if your AdWords account is under ‘review’!!

Yes, it is one of the many issues that can bring down your PLAs, and if your account and PLAs are already down then you should seriously consider the possibility that your account is under review. Now, the question is ‘How to check whether your AdWords Google account is under review or not?’ since Google never implicitly labels the accounts which are under review, this chapter answers the very question.

For this, you will need to choose a PLA campaign which is active and is receiving no clicks or very low traffic; click on it and then go to the Ads tab:

In the ads tab, find an ad whose status says ‘approved’ and hover the mouse right above it as shown in the above example. On doing as instructed, a message dialog box will appear, and if it is says something like the message shown below, then your account is definitely under review:

A lot of factors can prompt Google to review your account, but in most of the cases it is imposed when the changes have been recently made to the bids by the merchant and the promotional messages are not as per Google guidelines and policies.

Google Shopping Campaign & AdWords Access Levels

It has been seen that where most of the comparison shopping engines send email alerts to the retailers when their budget exhausts, in AdWords though there is such a provision but it is not the same of all access levels. That is, you won’t be able to use it if you have been granted ‘view only’ access. Also giving someone your AdWords access doesn’t provide them the window to your Analytics account. So if you are not able to receive any alerts & your campaign is not receiving any traffic, it is totally possible that the account is under review.


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