Making Adjustments to Your Data Feed on Google Shopping

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If you are one of the merchants who know how to change your data feeds, then you are in the perfect position to use the AdWords column to create and categorize your PLA ad groups.

The power to change your product feed gives you more control, and you can change the bids whenever you like on the basis of your ‘analysis of the performance metrics collected by Google’. And since these ad groups are validated by AdWords, the addition of AdWords label column in your data feed is the uttermost requirement that you need to fulfill. But for that, you need to know how to manipulate your product data feed.

The below snip shows how the column headers look like:

For Your PLAs, You Can Create Ad Groups Using the AdWords Label Column

The merchants who have not yet learned how to make changes to their data feed, they are losing out on the following Ad Groups options that are otherwise available to the merchants who know how to manipulate their data feeds:

The inability to make changes to one’s data feed can be quiet vexing, and rightfully so! The merchants who don’t have access to feed modification have literally no control such that they are even unable to discontinue the running ads for items that are categorized as ‘Worst’ sellers. The scenario remains the same when the retailer doesn’t want to totally give up the ads running for such low-performing products because in absence of access to feed modification option, they don’t even have the power to lower the bids on these products. Thus, one way or the other it eventually hurt their COS on Google Shopping..

Feed manipulation is the need of the hour as it brings to the forefront a whole lot of tricks that can be quite useful for your Google PLA.

Though it is true that not customizing one’s Ad Groups might work fine for many merchants, those merchants who want to act on the trends that are reflected in their Google metrics, it is definitely a big opportunity to make it big. The ability to change your product feed gives you the complete freedom to do as you wish, you can be as creative as you can be as per your PLA strategy.

Through the ability to change your data feed, you get the power to easily create Ad groups under labels like the ‘best’ performing products & price-buckets etc. This further allows you to quell problem products by without having to remove them completely from comparison pages.”


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