Manage Your Budget – What should be your Google Shopping Budget

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What should be your Google Shopping Budget?

On Google Shopping, every PLA Ad is charged on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis, and all the ad listings remain active, only till the daily budget lasts. For this, merchants have to define product targets, and since on Product Listing Ads, keywords are not used, you will be using the attributes in your feed to accomplish this. Next, you will have to set maximum CPC bids for your Ads. In this case also, just like AdWords, you have to pay the minimum to beat the ad listed immediately below your ad position; and it usually means that in the majority of cases you eventually pay less than your maximum bid.

As shown in the image below, the merchants can put into place a daily budget by visiting the campaign’s settings page.

At the end of the page, use the ‘Bidding and budget’ option to accomplish this task:

However, if you are already done with the setting of bids, and just want to modify the daily spend, you can follow the below-listed snip for guidance on how to proceed.


Alternatively, if you want to do it for an individual campaign, follow the below-given example:

By setting the daily budget, don’t hesitate to bid aggressively because initially, it is essential if you want to collect data that would further help you in creating targeted ad groups in the future.

This is How Merchants should Monitor Their Product Listing Ads Budget

Note that Google Shopping doesn’t notify the merchants in case their daily budget exhausts. But there is such an option in AdWords, and this section shows how to make use of this feature to monitor your budget.

But before that, you need to keep a few things in mind – while inputting your daily budget, bring into consideration the products that you are bidding for and try to decide upon a budget that would be able to survive at least the early period of the day.

Another thing to note is that setting up alerts doesn’t mean that you should not regularly check your PLA Campaign. Do so periodically to keep track of your daily spend, so that you can modify bids on the basis of the time for which your listings remain ‘live’.

AdWords Alerts For Your Product Listing Ads Budget

To set up alerts in AdWords, go to the Campaign tab, and then the ‘automate’ option. Here is an example:

After clicking on automate option a drop down will appear, click on the ‘select Send email when…’ option:

The next step is to update the rule option:

While creating the rule, the dollar amount and the time that you input are of great importance. Ensure that this rule covers all your campaign’s daily budgets. Time is of great significance because it will be of no use if your budget is reaching its limit after the time for which you have set alerts. Keep an eye on your listings too, if they are coming down often, try to increase the daily budget or decrease the bids as per the performance metrics. 

What Should Your Product Listing Ads Budget Be?

Analyze and observe the performance of your campaign to have a clear idea about the time when your ‘daily budget exhausts and the listings come down’. This way you will be in a better position to decide upon the daily budget for your product ads; also, it is understandable that depending on the performance metrics, you would have to modify the daily budget accordingly over time. You can keep an eye on these two things by checking the campaign status every time you log-in or by keeping track on the campaign filters.




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