Creating ‘Product Listing Ads’ Extensions on Google Shopping

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Why Create a New AdWords Extension for Your ‘Product Listing Ads’?

In the beginning, when merchants set up their PLA Campaigns, instead of using a pre-existing extension, they should create a new extension for their Google Merchant Login. This is because the existing extensions have filters linked with them that can be changed anytime by the users who have originally created them, which can lead to problems for the merchants in the future.

So, in order to avoid such issues later-on, it is advised that the merchants should create a new extension for their account from the very beginning – an extension which is associated with their Google Merchant login ID.

Use the Google Merchant login ID for your account while creating a new extension.

To create a new extension while setting up your campaign, select the ‘Create a new extension’ option given on the Campaign Settings under the Ad Extension header. It is given at the bottom of the ‘Campaign Settings’’ page:


Remember: The newly created extension should match the merchant ID for Google Merchant Login as it is also associated with your AdWords account.

Whether to Use A Pre-Existing Extension With Associated Filters or Not?

Are you thinking of using a pre-existing extension for your PLA campaign or, are you already managing a PLA campaign which has an existing extension associated with it? There is no problem in doing so, it is just that, in these cases, you might face validation and other issues that are the result of the filters enabled with that extension.

1)  If you want to use a pre-existing extension for your PLA Campaign, check if there are filters enabled, and if there are, remove them. Or just create a new one, as summarized in the above section.

You can look for the filters associated with your campaign under the Filter tab:

create filters

2) Also note that, while removing the filters (or, create a new Ad Extension) no data will be lost, so don’t hesitate! The history of your product’s past performance, as well as your campaign’s relevancy, will not be affected in any way.

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