Schedule Product Listing Ads CPC Bids

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Schedule Your Product Listing Ad Bids

1) Create day of the week bidding rules

After identifying the days of the week when the conversion rate is higher for your products, you can plan the changes in the ad bids. For that you need to formulate your bidding rules under the settings tab:


You can do so by selecting the Setting tab in your CPC Strategy PLAs, as shown below:

Schedule Campaigns

In the settings tab, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the ‘Advanced Settings’ button as given in the example below:

In ‘Advance Settings’, click on the Schedule + tab and go ahead with the scheduling of your Ads as per your analysis; this is demonstrated in the following snip:

In the Ad Scheduling option, as shown above, ‘click’ on the edit button. A dialog box will appear where you will be allowed to uncheck the bids for the days and the times when you don’t want your ads running.

The default mode that appears initially looks like this:

2) Edit when Product Listing Ad ads are live

You can also edit the ads when they are live. For instance if you want less visibility for ads which are already running, you can edit them using the Period tab as shown below:

To be able to make these changes, you will have to switch from Basic to Big adjustment mode:

Through this mode you can modify the ads – when they are already running – by using the % of bid tab:

It is noteworthy that after making the changes, you have to make sure that these weeks and time bids are not affected by season and other variables; therefore you will be required to keep a regular check to catch and remove such issues.

Change Your Product Listing Ads Bids Based on Time of the Day

While modifying the ‘day of the week’ bids, you can set different bids for different times of the day.

Use AdWords to know the times of the day which convert best during the week, and once these times are identified you can modify bids for those days.  While making these changes keep in mind that these best-conversion times vary with the day of the week; for example, Monday’s conversion rate after 5 pm will likely be less compared to Friday’s conversion rates after 5 pm, so consider such things while going ahead with the changes.

After making the changes, wait for 14-30 days and then analyze the progress. If the results are positive as compared to the previous metrics, continue making the adjustments, and if you feel like, even experiment by being more aggressive with the bids. However, in case the results are on the negative side, don’t immediately go for ‘the revert process’ immediately, wait for a few more days because sometimes, though conversions are not being observed, it is possible that it still plays a crucial part in the overall performance of your account.

Therefore, considering account’s performance, traffic and the conversion observed, it is advised that while planning the experiments, take your time and test only a few things initially and proceed only if they work well.


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