AdWords Label And Product Targets

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Product Listing Ads Product Targets

Once you have created and saved your Ad group, the next step is to setup targets for your products. This is what Google AdWords will remind you about after the group has been saved, so make sure that when you proceed, the validation filter matches exactly the one you have used in your AdWords account for your best selling products.

  1. Validate Ad Groups

Go to your Product Listing Ads, click on ‘+ Add Product Target’ as shown below

Note that every PLAs Groups needs to have their product targets clearly specified.

For your validation method, choose ‘AdWords labels’.

Also confirm that the product target label is exactly the one that you are using in the AdWords product feed. Just to give you an idea, this is how your feed will look like if you are using ‘Best’ in the AdWords product feed to mark the best sellers:

Therefore, before going for validation of your product target, make sure that your AdWords label should match exactly, just like in the example below:

  1. Increase bids for individual Ad Groups

Just like the following example, bid higher for your Best Sellers Ad Group to ensure that they get more traffic – which means more visibility, and a higher chance of conversion.



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