Is Creating Numerous Google Shopping Ad Groups A Good Practice?

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Is Creating Numerous PLA Ad Groups A Good Practice?

No doubt, creating new Ad groups is a good practice, but only if it is done step by step – in a planned way. Unplanned creations of numerous Ad groups can overlap with your ‘All Product’ Ad group and could be the main reason behind spend wastage. One should break out Ad groups one at a time, followed by monitoring it closely; keep it only if it is converting well, otherwise abort it and create a new one.

Numerous Ad Groups & Auto Targets for All Products

A really important point that every merchant needs to follow is that – except for your All Product Ad Group no other ad group created for your PLA Campaign should have ‘set auto targets’.

Have a look at the image given below and make it a point that the check-box given under the red arrow should always be checked, but only for your ‘All Product’ Ad group.

Why? This is because, if you have checked this box in each of your ad groups, all your Ad group bids which are higher than your All Product Ads Group bids, will be given preference. And irrespective of what you have been originally planning, because of the overlap, unknowingly, you will be spending more. So, make sure that this box is unchecked, except for your ‘All Product Ad Group’.

To understand it better consider this example; suppose there is a category for which you are bidding $2.00, and some products of that category are also covered in your All Product Ad Group at a bid of $0.20. Since Google automatically gives preference to the higher bid, you will be spending more eventually.

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