CPA Campaigns – How to Make Google Shopping Work Like Ebay or Amazon

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This is How You Can Make Your Google Shopping Work Like Amazon & Ebay

There is no doubt that merchants have to pay to list products on Google Shopping, but one can still make it work for themselves – like Ebay & Amazon – by creating a CPA campaign. Yes, you can stand out – and probably earn more – by giving a portion of your sales to Google.

CAUTION: Low Sales Volume Ahead

Though Google gives preference to people who are giving it a higher share, despite that there are fair chances that you will earn more provided your sales volume is higher – this is the only downside of setting up a CPA campaign on Google Shopping.

1: First Step – Conversion tracking – How to Set up?

  • Log in to your Google AdWords account
  • Once logged-in go to the top toolbar’s ‘Tools and Analysis’ Click on it and select ‘Conversions’ from the drop-down list, and choose the +New conversion button.
  • Next is conversion tracker, follow the steps to get it started
  • Use HTTPS to ensure page’s security

Take a note that after all these steps you will come across the option ‘‘Add a ‘Google Site stats’ notification to the code generates for my page’. It is optional. If you choose to select it, it will add a little image to the page where your activated conversion tracker will appear.


As this is not a display network campaign, save the changes and while continuing on this page, skip the next page and directly go for the code. Paste the below-mentioned code in your order confirmation page’s body section. Save the changes and you are ready to go!

2: Wait

Once the conversion tracking is all set, it takes just a few hours for it to sync with Google AdWords, but sometimes it is possible that you might have to wait even a day or so.

And once the sync is all done and your tracking pixel is working, wait for a few weeks and collect the conversion data on the basis of the sales volume that you have been receiving on Google Shopping. Next step is showing your ads, which involves bring into place a cost per click (CPC) campaign. Google analyses the sale statistics on the basis of backward engineering to find out the best ads and their most-effective place in CPA campaign.

And since all this uses conversion data, you won’t be able to begin a CPA campaign if the sale’s data is inadequate.

3: Go ahead & Start Your First CPA Campaign on Google Shopping

Merchants can get their commission-based-CPA-campaign up and running on the basis of their PLA campaign’s conversion data. This campaign can be begun by setting the commission – the percentage (%) of every sale that will eventually go to Google. Once the campaign is running, observe the clicks and impressions for a few days and modify the percent accordingly, if the need arises. However, a bigger share for Google will ensure that your products are listed above the ones that are offering less -which can actually do wonders for your sales volume!

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