Create Best Seller Ad Groups On Google Shopping Ads

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  1. Identify the Best Sellers In Google Analytics

To start with your best seller ad group, the first thing that you need to do is recognize the products which are ‘the’ best performing in the lot. This can be easily done by using your Google Analytics program. And in case you require help in identifying your best performing products, you can also contact us for assistance.

  1. Add an AdWords Label for the best sellers

Once the best seller products are identified, you are ready to create an ad group specifically for these products in your Product Listing Ads campaign.

However, note that you will need to mark these recognized well-performing products in your Google Shopping product feed, so that these important items can be easily distinguished anytime. You can do so by adding an AdWords Label for these products; for this you will need to modify your feed.

In the above snip, the word ‘best’ is used in the Google Shopping product feed to distinguish the best selling products from the rest.

  1. Create a Best Seller Ad Group

Once the labels are added to the feed, use that specific label (like the Best’ label used in the above example) to create a new ad group in your already existing Google Shopping PLAs campaign. Follow the steps to do so:

First step involves creating a new ad group:

Follow it by setting up a best seller Ad group, as given below.

  1. Assign this ad group a name (make sure that the name reminds you about your best performing products)
  2. Once the ad group name is assigned, add a promotion (this can be changed later)
  3. Unselect the ‘All Products’ auto target box. This is the most crucial step!
  4. Last step involves setting up a ‘Default bid’ for the ad group

Advantages of Setting Up a ‘Best’ Seller Ad Group

The main aim of adding a ‘best’ seller ad group to your PLAs campaign is to make sure that your already well-performing ‘best seller products’ keep getting the traffic and continue to convert well for you. Moreover, a separate ad group allows you to analyze and evaluate ‘more closely’ how your best performing products are faring in Google shopping.

If you want to do without it, you can still do well, but in that case, you will have to either add bids for these products at the ID level or increase bids on ALL products which can have inverse side effects.

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