Determine Which Days of the Week Perform Best for Your Google Shopping Ads Campaign

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Google AdWords provides its merchants the ability to view the ‘day of the week’ metrics associated with their PLA Campaign.


This is indeed one of the coolest features that AdWords provides, and though this feature is not of much value in the initial stages of your campaigns, once the campaign has been running for a while and there is some ad performance data for you to see, it proves to be quite a useful feature.


This feature can be accessed by selecting the ‘day of the week’ option in your AdWords. It is located under the Dimension option filter; click on it, a number of options will appear. When the filters under ‘Dimensions’ appear, click on the ‘View’ option, a drop-down list will appear, keep the cursor on the time option and click on the ‘day of the week’ option. This way you can view your Google Shopping PLA ad group dimensions.

The good thing about it is that it brings the performance data for you to access anytime, and all you have to do is extract the trends out of it. And once that is done, you can use these observations to formulate bidding rules so that the performance during these times can be further boosted.

Merchants shall note that they can and should further break the data into different time blocks such as a month and a quarter. Doing this will allow you to gather more reported data and more bidding options.

It is advised that the merchant should not create any bidding rules for the different days of the week unless they have identified the trends in their AdWords data or the in-house data.

The following snip shows the breakdown of the data in the Dimensions tab’s ‘Day of the Week’ option:

If for some reason the merchant wants to add or remove columns in this report, all they have to do is click on the column option, and select the Customize option from its drop-down list. The following example demonstrates this:

Through this data, merchants can get detailed information about their products’ ad performance like the days of the week when online shoppers are purchasing more or less. And on the basis of this information, they can easily plan and modify bids for the better results. For instance, they can increase the bids for the time frames where they are not getting the number of orders that they desire etc.

Decide the Daily Budget Wisely: Consider the scenarios like these – the bid has been scheduled for Saturday 12-5 pm, and your budget is out by 3 pm. Such scenarios make your campaign a limited success for all your listings start coming down gradually just because your daily budget wasn’t enough.  Therefore the merchants – especially those who want to increase their bids during the peak hours – they should keep into account the budget for better results. Always ask yourself “will the budget be enough to last the time duration for which the bid has been set or not?’.


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