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Free Google Clicks Still Going Strong

It has been noted that though Google free clicks have been decreasing gradually over time, many sellers still get them!

They are definitely a big bonus for the merchants, yet one should not forget that they are actually linked to the working of your PLA Campaign. That is, you will actually not be able to make the optimum use of these free clicks if your PLA campaign is paused or has come down because of the exceeded daily budget.

As shown in the example below, in both the graphs, free clicks can only be seen during the time when your listings are up and working. During the times when your daily budget is exceeded and your listings come down, the same thing happens with the free clicks; they appear with the listings and in their absence, even free clicks vanish too.

Exhaustion of the daily budget not only affects your product listings on the PLAs & the SERP, it also affects all the aspects of Google Shopping.

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