Google Trusted Stores And Google Wallet

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Google Trusted Stores

At the gist of it all, just like Amazon and other online shopping websites, Google Shopping is also a comparison shopping engine.

Note: On Google Shopping, shoppers search items so that they can compare products on the basis of price and other vendor merchant metrics like reliability and shipping prices.

Google Trusted Stores is one of Google Shopping features that allow vendors to assure the shoppers about their authenticity. Through Trusted Store on Google Shopping, merchants can accomplish ‘this’ by highlighting the things that make them worthy of their trust. It helps in conveying clearly the attributes that make the merchant’s store great, by giving them the chance to convey authentic information about their product’s prices, customer service, and reliable shipping.

Moreover, just like in the case of Google Wallet, merchants who are identified on Trusted Stores are given importance on the comparison pages:

The businesses recognized on Trusted Stores are also highlighted on PLAs:

So, the online shoppers who are looking for a store that has a dependable customer service as well as shipping will be more inclined to purchase from your website. And on top of that, your site will stand out from other sellers on both comparison pages and PLAs.

In addition to all this, your store’s website will be marked with Google Trusted Stores’ badge which is synonymous with security and will remove any sort of security-related doubt from the customer mind. You can sign up here.

Google Trusted Stores For Online Merchants

Reliable shipping and a great customer service are the parameters that contribute the maximum when it comes to conversions and creating return customers. Hence, they are the big must-haves for every merchant who wants to sell products successfully on Google Shopping.

However note that, not all the merchants are allowed on Google Shopping’ Trusted Stores, there are set requirements that need to be met to qualify. But once cleared and declared part of Google’s Trusted Store, it exposes you to the users who are looking to purchase as per certain seller metrics. This turns out to be quite beneficial to the merchant.

Every qualified merchant gets a Google Trusted Store badge – as already stated before; it requires coding so that it can show on your website, therefore initially you’ll need help in signing-in. Also, during this process you need to send extra feeds to Google Merchant Login, so make sure that you have some background information about it.

These features make Google shopping experience more fluid for the online shoppers making it more user friendly as it has been designed as per the features that shoppers want to use.

Google Wallet

At present, Google Wallet is the Google feature that merchants are using to process payments on Google Shopping (it works more like PayPal).

Mobile is ‘in’ these days, and is growing into a bigger deal day by day; same can be said for electronic payment systems like MCX (Google Wallet’s major competitor), Isis and of course Google Wallet. And, since shopping on Mobile and through Electronic Wallets is going to get bigger in the near future, getting out there is the best option if you want to reach more customers:

Since Google Trusted Stores looks more like a step in the direction of Amazon’s shopping features, it is not that difficult to imagine Google Wallet evolving into something that resembles a shopping cart. That would eliminate the need to visit merchant’s site altogether, which means that transactions on Google Shopping will become more secure for the customers.

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