Monitor Your Budget on Google Shopping Ads

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Monitoring your budget should be one of your biggest priorities. Especially so, because no alerts are sent to the merchants on Google Shopping in case their daily budget is reached. And once the budget limit is touched, the product listings tend to come down gradually.

Note: Hence, while setting your daily budget, make sure that it is enough to either last you the whole day or at least the half of it.

Regularly check your PLA Campaign every week to keep yourself updated about the trends reflected in your ad’s performance data. And while doing so make sure that you are also checking your daily spend

as this will give you an idea about how often your product ads remain ‘live’ and basically how long your daily budget lasts.


The data related to this can be accessed under Analytics’ Acquisition tab. As given in the below snips, under this tab, go to AdWords, followed by Campaigns – where you need to click on the ‘Clicks’ option.

AdWords Alerts for Product Listing Ads Budget

Though by default no notifications are sent by Google Shopping when the daily budget is exceeded, as already stated, there is one solution for this. Merchants can set up emails from AdWords by using the Automate option given under AdWords’ Campaign option. The following snip clearly shows the scenario:

By clicking on the Automate option, a drop-down list will appear. From the choices click on the ‘Send email when…’ option, as demonstrated in the following snip:

And once you have done that, update the rule options:

In the automated rules, input the exact $ amount and the time, and in case your campaign’s daily budget changes with the change in the day, make sure the dollar amount you have filled best reflects the accurate percent.

Reaching Your Daily Budget

No matter how much attention you are paying while setting the time in your rule, always-be-prepared to adjust your rule later on. This is because it is totally possible that the time that you have filled in your rule might not be the time when your budget exhausts, depending upon day to day trends you might have to reset the time. For this, make it a habit to check the Campaign status or the campaign filters when logging in to known exactly when your campaign is exceeding the budget.

As stated before, when the daily budget exhausts, the product listings slide down on the comparison and search pages. To prevent this from happening, set your budget according to the ‘spend and the performance’ metrics for ‘that’ day and the time. On its basis, solve this issue by either reducing your bids or increasing your daily budget.

So while keeping an eye on the budget, keep extra care when it comes to the $ amount and the time!


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