Top 10 Best Practices When Writing PPC Ad Copy

Top 10 Best Practices When Writing PPC Ad Copy

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Finally, after taking your valuable time to go through what is new and might interest you about paid search and the best for you, be it AdWords, Bing Ads or anyone at that, then it may have struck you that the next step is; obviously you have your campaign settings, ad groups, and keywords ready in pen and papers, and it’s time to start working on your ads. Writing a PPC Ad copy remains a vital aspect of converting your paid search to potential sales regardless of the platforms, tools, and technology. Needless to say, irrespective of the expertise you put into having a good ad campaign, if your Ad copy is crap, you will not see the type of return you hoped for.

However, you can save the sweat for another day, we’ve got you covered. Here we have the top best quality tips and practices when writing your company’s PPC Ad Copy.


Your keywords mean everything; I suppose you know that people who are interested in your line of service will be inputting the major keywords known to them. Hence, it’s important to have your keywords in the headlines of your PPC Ads to increase its relevance and exposure.

Once you manage to input your keywords in the Ads and it goes in line with your search query, your keywords turn Bold to affirm the relevance of the original query and the more relevant your Headline Keywords is to the query, the more you are to attract prospective consumers thereby increasing your Click-through-rate.

Have an Idea of your Audience

You’ll agree with me that to write a compelling Ad Copy for your company, you must be familiar with your audience. That may sound like a part of the plan to an effective PPC Ad copy, but then it is quite relevant if you really want to convert your ads to the bank.

Knowing your audience gives you a knowledge of the kind of people you are aiming to attract, and this invariably tells you how to write to be compelling to them.

Cooperate people may attract a cooperate mode of thoughts and hence, you may have to be a little bit cooperate if not totally.


While writing your PPC company’s ads copy, making sure that the benefits and value of your offer are precise and pretty unique. Something sumptuous to please the appetite will definitely make it all better.  Do not go all year round explaining the benefits, you can have that in a video. Emotionally highlighting those benefits can bring your products or brand to a better health.

Relevance and Appealing to Needs

Don’t get all tensed up now when we say that highlighting those benefits may be more of a step closer to getting that perfect PPC ad copy. What really catches consumers is your ability to appeal to their immediate needs irrespective of their class. This creates an image of relevance to need scenario and places your business copy Ads at an advantage. Capitalize on your audience sense of entitlement emotionally and whoops your CRT is at better rates.

Include statistics and figures in your Headlines

Getting close and closer to that PPC ad copy that sells, another aspect you need to be mindful of is the inclusion of statistics and figure to represent how well you have done. You may have seen on different landing pages, it really works. One way or the other, figures of people benefiting from your products or Ads helps trigger more people to want to click and probably want to give it a trail.

Stand Out from the Crowd

If you happen to belong in a competitive industry, you’ll notice that ads copy on the ads page seems to look very much alike. This may be that the enterprises are vying for an approximately relevant keyword if not the same. Hence, the need to stand out above the shelf, a little bit of difference in your PPC ads copy, something different from the crowd stands you out and places you in a better competition.


Make Use of Ads Extensions

Yes!… Never forget to use your sites links and ads extension, it helps users discover your brand or product in more detail, but can also significantly improve your ads quality score and CTR. You can use your Ads Extensions to give more details about additional landing pages, offers, locations, even to phone numbers and guess what, they do not cost an extra buck.

Displaying additional information with your company site links through your PPC ads, your ads becomes more relevant to potential customers

Mind Grammar, Composition and Ads Format

Oh!… you weren’t expecting that right, but yeah it is as important as any other tips we have stated in this list. You may want to check all over if you have properly cross your t’s and dot your i’s. This gives your audience the sense that there is a business going on here and not just a joke.

Highlight unique selling proposition

Understand that no matter how well you have written, rambling around the benefits your products or brands produce may not just be enough. You may want to consider highlighting what exactly you are selling, how you intend to meet your consumer needs in your company’s PPC ads copy. This gives users and consumer alike the sense of belongingness to the process of which you intend to providing for whichever needs that has brought them to your page, YOU!

Compelling Call to Action

All said and done!… your call to action word really does matters. Align your call to action with your business type. For example, if your product is on the same website, something like an e-commerce store, then you want to consider having such words as ORDER NOW!, BROWSE, OUR HUGE COLLECTIONS! etc.

Whichever you decide to choose in the copy of your PPC Ads, use the exclamation mark, it helps

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